Nexus Emergency Board

  • Clinical Information Systems
  • Prioritisation and booking of acute surgical cases
  • Real-time electronic view of those cases in NCEPOD priority order.
  • Desktop PC level, tablet and on wall-mounted large screen displays.
  • Can book a patient directly into Nexus Theatre (if implemented)

Nexus Emergency BoardNexus Emergency Board

Provides an easy-to-use means for recording, prioritising, monitoring and booking of NCEPOD and trauma surgical cases …

This highly innovative system provides a real-time electronic view of cases in priority order is at desktop PC level, on an iPad or Android tablet and on wallmounted or other large screen displays.

When patients are added to the board, they are listed in NCEPOD Category order from top to bottom i.e. Immediate, Urgent, Trauma and Expedited.

To book a patient, the user simply clicks on the “+” button in the top right hand corner of the main display screen and the “Add Patient” screen appears.

This can be done from anywhere and, when completed, the new patient will appear on the main display with their position in list order dependent upon the NCEPOD category selected and the location and status of each patient can be easily and quickly viewed at any point in time.

Patient demographics are automatically obtained from a central Master Patient Index when the Patient Number is entered and, if Nexus Theatre is also installed, the patient can be booked directly into an available theatre slot.

In addition, with the optional Nexus MyLists Anywhere system all necessary information is automatically updated on each individual surgeon or anaesthetist’s PC, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

The system is designed to be used on PC’s, iPads, Android Tablets, Smart TV’s or large format Touchscreen Displays.

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