Nexus Pack Tracker

  • Instantly locate any tray or pack
  • Interface to Nexus EPR or local Patient Database (PAS)
  • Trace all items used on a patient
  • Trace all other patients on whom an item has been used

The unique and highly innovative web based Pack tracker system tracks any tray or pack to any patient anywhere.

It can also tell you where every tray or pack is at any point in time and therefore show whether the necessary equipment is in place to perform
particular procedures.

Of course, the system also provides those vital reports showing all equipment used on a specific patient and secondly those patients upon whom that equipment has subsequently been used.

  • Record all trays and instruments used on a patient by date, time and person making the input.
  • Search the central database and retrieve details of the trays and instruments used on that patient.
  • Identify trays or instruments which have potentially been contaminated and
    a. Quarantine the item within Sterile Services.
    b. Subsequently identify all other patients on whom those items  have been used.
  • Enter the patient number and (optionally) link to Nexus EPR or hospital Patient Database (PAS) for patient verification.
  • View the position of every pack and tray anywhere e.g.
    a. Record tray arriving in theatre.
    b. Record use on patients.
    c. Record tray leaving theatre.
    d. Record back into Sterile Services.

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