Nexus Theatre

  • Uses sophisticated touchscreen technology
  • Extremely user-friendly interface and very easy to use
  • Minimal training and IT skills required
  • Supports clinical and managerial activities alike
  • Supports audit processes, resource planning and
  • service development

Nexus Theatre, part of Newgate’s “Nexus” family is a true, state-of-the-art, theatre management system providing high quality theatre information to support clinical and managerial activities alike.

The system uses sophisticated touch screen technology making the system extremely easy to use and, within theatres, advanced screen design eliminates the need for keyboard or mouse skills and means that training can be completed in minutes.

  • Integration with Hospital Patient Database via HL7 etc.
  • Procedure database using ICD10, OPCS, Read etc.
  • Real Time Patient Tracking via easy-to-use Touchscreen Technology
  • Flexible Scheduling to Optimise Activity and Theatre Utilisation
  • Ability to Book directly from Clinics minimises Cancellations and DNA’s
  • Pre-Assign Care Pathways at time of Booking
  • Pre-Assign Stock and Equipment to Procedures and Sessions (Preference Cards)
  • Produces Patient Wrist Band via “Autograph” module
  • System Design Minimises Staff Input and Maximises Care Time
  • Provides Real Time Global Views of Theatre Activity
  • Procedures and Procedure Times automatically updated by Surgeon via “Intelligent Learning”
  • Records Staff members present and outputs for Surgeon, Anaesthetist and Nurse Logbooks
  • Improves Financial Planning through recording of direct and indirect costs

Nexus Theatre Weblists optional

  • Permits Wards and Departments to easily view Theatre Lists via a web browser.
  • Provides a view of a Patient Electronic Theatre Record showing staff, Procedures carried out, Patient Notes, Post-Op Instructions etc. prior to the patient leaving Recovery.

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