Nexus Sterile Services

  • Work-in-progress tracking, Lot trace stock control and costing
  • Single instrument marking and tracking
  • Wireless, handheld, scanners
  • GS1 bar coding compliant
  • Includes Endoscopy tracking module

Proven at both a SuperCentre and Department level alike, Nexus Sterile Services provides an all-embracing, command and control solution for sterile services operations on a single site or multisite basis.

With superior management tools never before seen in a sterile services system, Nexus Sterile Services utilises the inherent strengths of Microsoft’s SQL Server databases allied with an easy-to-use Windows environment.

Tools such as real-time prioritising and tracking, bar coded lot trace stock control, and comprehensive costing, are immediately to hand.

  • Department tray and single instrument tracking 
    Permits Bar Coding of trays and packs, creation of tray lists and tracking of all trays, packs and instruments within the department. Uses wireless scanners to allow operators complete freedom of movement within their work areas.
  • Lot trace stock control 
    Provides facilities for administration, purchasing, receiving, issuing of all stock items and maintenance records of all stock items.
  • Costing 
    Powerful cost control module including the ability to append any overhead values to any item along with comprehensive billing.
  • Process control 
    Uses wireless handheld terminals to determine in real-time if the items are being processed correctly. Immediately alerts operator if error is made.
  • Endoscopic 
    Included with the system is the ability to track and trace endoscopes and related equipment.
  • Machine monitoring (optional) 
    Links system to washing machines and sterilisers using either the manufacturers data or via an independent monitoring system such as Eurotherm.

Nexus Pack tracker

The unique and highly innovative web based Pack tracker system tracks any pack or tray to any patient anywhere. It can also tell you where every tray or pack is at any point in time and therefore show whether the necessary equipment is in place to perform particular procedures.

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