Nexus Theatre Activity Board

  • Clinical Information Systems
  • Web based graphical overview of all theatres and theatre lists
  • Real-time electronic view of planned and actual location of all staff
  • At a glance visual indications of patient hazards or notable conditions
  • Desktop PC, iPad, Tablet and on wall-mounted large screen displays

Theatre Activity Board

Theatre Activity Board

An electronic visual management tool to support individual theatres and the whole theatre suite showing real-time status of staff and lists at a glance ...

The Nexus Theatre Activity Board is a web based graphical overview of all theatres showing planned procedures with times per surgeon and the planned and actual location of all staff.

It is designed to provide and, in fact, exceed all the requirements of the The Productive Operating Theatre “Operational Status at a Glance”.

The main screen shows patients & procedures in each theatre along with a real-time overview of planned v’s actual times, free time available and real-time theatre utilisation. In addition, dashboard style dials display utilisation, lost time etc.

Importantly, visual indicators provide specific information concerning the patent such as a hazard indicated by a red and a bariatric patient by a red. (Patient Names are, by default, not shown.)

By clicking on any particular case, further information can then be obtained including full description of the procedures, anticipated times, details of any hazard etc.

In addition, there is no longer any need to ask where particular staff are as, by the press or click of a button, the staff screen provides an instant display of all staff members in each theatre and their roles in the procedure.

Use of the system along with other TPOT changes, according to NHS statistics, could save an average Trust £3.9 million per annum

The system is designed to be used on PC’s, iPads, iPhones, Android Tablets, Smart TV’s or large format Touchscreen Displays. etc.

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